Only the Best with Melissa’s Produce Home Delivery

Melissa's Produce Home Delivery

Another in my #GetYourGreensOn series, the first step in incorporating more vegetables in your diet is to buy them! But carving out time to shop, making a list, knowing how to select the best of the lot, being disappointed because the market doesn’t have what you need for that recipe you had in mind – all these factors are variables that can prevent you from upping your green game.

Melissa’s Produce comes to the rescue with their newest incentive to eat the colors of the rainbow: Melissa’s Produce Home Delivery. They do it all for you -and they do it with the prettiest produce you’ve ever seen. Just as they are known for premium products in the stores, you can receive the same at your doorstep on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, or as needed. Available in southern California from Santa Barbara to San Diego this service is a dream come true for juicing, busy families who want to eat healthy, the home chef or as a thoughtful heart healthy housewarming or host gift, a welcome care package for college students or that fitness-minded  person in your life who watches what they eat.

I’m not just saying that for no reason – I have tried two other produce home delivery companies in the past and not been entirely satisfied with the quality, cleanliness, and assortment of vegetables or fruits received. One time I grew bored with the selection – I only want green cabbage every once in awhile, not three weeks in a row. Then there was the lettuce and leafy greens that I would have passed on if I had seen their limp, brown-edged leaves at the store…

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The cost of a box of the Organic Mixed Vegetables Box from Melissa’s is $25.00 for 10-11 items with a minimum net weight of 7 lbs. I was very impressed with the quality, cleanliness, freshness, and the assortment that I received. Given that the other companies were a little bit pricier ($31.00 at the time) for a box that didn’t contain the variety or quality of Melissa’s greens, I can’t think of a reason why anyone, currently with another company or new to home delivery, would not want to give them a try. My first box contained: rainbow chard, collard greens, curly kale, celery, carrots, romaine lettuce, green leaf lettuce, Italian parsley, a potato, and one bunch of beets.

Melissa's Home Delivery |

One night I sautéed the collards in olive oil with sweet onions and oyster mushrooms and added a shot of bourbon to a 1/2 cup of water, covered and cooked until the greens were tender, for a healthier, vegetarian, low sodium version of Southern Collard Greens. Then served them up with some of my Deviled Chicken Wings – buttermilk marinated, crispy, spicy, panko-crusted that are baked, not fried.

southern fried chicken wings, collard greens, healthy southern collard greens

Baked {not fried} Deviled Chicken Wings with Bourbon Collard Greens

Another night, I topped filets of Pacific Halibut with Sumo orange slices, wrapped with Chard leaves and brushed the packages with Meyer lemon, spiced butter mixture before baking. Wrapped with the chard, the fish remained moist and tender with a bright citrus flavor from the oranges. I like stuff wrapped in pretty packages – even food :) It’s a unique way to cook fish and a great alternative to fish and chips or fish tacos for #FishFriday during Lent, this dish is similar to  the  Halibut in Browned Butter Sauce I posted a while back as a Lenten meal idea..

chard, fish wrapped in chard leaves

I still have plenty of veggies to cook with when I return from my little “Spring Break” visit to see my mom. Spring brings new growth, blossoms on the bare branches, bright daffodils breaking through the chilled earth signal warmer days ahead…but around here Mother Nature has the last say. Faraway from my normal habitat at the beach, I can witness the faces of this fickle day comfortably ensconced in the warmth of our cozy cabin by the lake ~ a bourbon on the rocks, tiny loaf of girlfriend’s yummy banana bread, and a container of raw almonds all within arm’s reach.  Mother Nature just wanted to remind us of who exactly is in charge here – the calendar may declare March 21st the official spring equinox, but she is not through with winter yet!

Ozarks - NW Arkansas |

Tonight’s icy spitting rain was ushered in by a late afternoon slurry of swirling wet snowflakes, coating our hair, softly landing, melting on contact with blushed cheeks and noses.


Happy Spring! Have a wonderful weekend :)



Disclosure:  I received a box of Organic Mixed Vegetables from Melissa’s Produce, the opinions expressed are my own.

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